How We Create Momentum

How We Create MomentumDepth of Experience

Because there is virtually no type of communications project Momentum hasn’t tackled, we‘ve learned how to get things done with a minimum of wheel spinning and false starts. We know the questions to ask and the resources to tap to complete projects efficiently, on time, and within budget. Our clients deal with seasoned veterans who have over a century of combined experience.

Cost Effectiveness

Because Momentum is a consortium of independent professionals, we—and, ultimately, our clients—don’t have to support a traditional agency structure and its overhead. Since clients don’t have to pay big agency fees to get big agency performance, they save money (and get more bang for their buck).

Realistic Creative Philosophy

Rare is agency that doesn’t promise “breakthrough” work, “cutting edge” concepts, or “out of the box” thinking. Rarer still is the client that needs or is willing to pay for creative ego trips. The decision to recommend a tried and true approach can be just as creative as risking a client’s budget on something “cool” or “edgy”. While we have won our share of plaques and trophies (of which we are certainly proud), our objective is to produce results for our clients, not dazzle advertising awards competition judges.